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Edelweiss Mutual Fund

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Edelweiss Mutual Fund is an important fiduciary business of Edelweiss Group. It is a trust sponsored by Edelweiss Financial Services Limited. Edelweiss Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, acts as the Investment Manager to Edelweiss Mutual Fund.


To be an innovative and globally renowned asset manager providing excellent investment solutions, exemplary services and setting the highest ethical standards.


> Providing high quality investment management services to a wide spectrum of investors

>Assessing investors’ acceptable risk parameters and endeavouring to achieve their financial goals

> Adhering to a disciplined investment process to steadily grow our investors’ assets

> Committed to offering exemplary services to our customers and setting the highest standards of ethics


> A thinking and transparent organization

>Fair to our investors, partners and employees >Ethical in all our actions > Focus on growth

> Our assets are our stakeholders, reputation and capital

> Creativity and innovation in everything we do

At Edelweiss Mutual Fund, we follow a disciplined and process oriented investment approach to help investors achieve their financial goals. Our products encompass the entire risk return spectrum and are designed to offer the best opportunity for investment growth in Indian asset classes with a constant focus on risk and preservation of capital.

Edelweiss Asset Management, the Investment Manager to the Mutual Fund encourages a work environment that is committed to offering exemplary services with an emphasis on teamwork and intellectual rigour. Our professional asset management team comes with a rich experience of working in the mutual fund industry and finance-related areas. Their research-oriented methodology imbues them with the right knowledge to spot the best investment opportunities in the Indian marketplace in a disciplined manner for the benefit of the mutual fund schemes and its investors.

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