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Axis Mutual Fund

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Axis Mutual Fund launched its first scheme in October 2009- a challenging period on any account not just for the Indian but the global investor too. Despite this Axis Mutual Fund in less than three years has got off to a good start. Some numbers that bear this out

* Average assets of 10,951 crores (as at 31 August 2012)
* Now ranked 15th amongst 44 Indian Mutual Funds (source www.amfiindia.com as at 30 June 2012)
* A well-rounded product suite that consists of 29 schemes – 4 Equity, 22 Debt, 1 Hybrid, 1 Gold FOF & 1 Gold ETF
* Over 4,26,000 investor accounts - 30% are first time Mutual fund investors, 48 % reside beyond the 10th city, over 1,26,000 Sleep In Peace(SIP) accounts
* 70 branches in 67 cities
* 31 Investor Service Centres

Relax. It’s Axis

Relax its Axis is not just our tag line but a philosophy that embodies our three founding principles

1. Outside view (Speak the Consumer’s language)
2. Long-term relationships – aim at building relationships rather than being transactional 
3. Enduring wealth creation – encourage investors to build a long-term perspective

Our product, sales and service strategy is entirely guided by this.

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